Wonderful Bobby April

Wilton Broad Players

The premier performance of Wonderful Bobby April will be presented by the Wilton Broad Players at The Village Theatre, 110 West 2nd Ave., Qualicum Beach, at 2 pm on Sunday, November 7, 2010. This new comedy by Meldy Wilton and RP Broad will be performed during the Vancouver Island One Act Festival, hosted by the Echo Players.

The Wonderful Bobby April opens with Sam fondly reminiscing after everyone has left his friend Bobby’s memorial. It seems the two of them had some secrets they promised to keep deeply buried – and that is exactly what is about to happen. However, while he is reminiscing Sam crosses paths with another late mourner, who also is not so much mourning as amusingly reminiscing about some well kept secrets between himself and the late Bobby. It appears Sam was not the only one that had secrets with the late, great, wonderful Bobby April. Who was this man he thought he knew? And how many different lives did he lead? Are people, like life, never quite what they appear to be?

This amusingly funny one act stars local favourites, Jonee Janolino and Richard Broad. Stage-manager Meldy Wilton and director RP Broad combine their many skills with those of the crew. Maxwell Dowie is known for his art puppetry and independent films while Michael Hamper is a well known character actor and technician. This play amuses and surprises a little more than one would expect. For more information, contact the Echo Players box office at 250-752-3522. Tickets are $12 ($10 seniors and students).