Vote for Leonard Krog

Leonard Krog, the MLA for Nanaimo, is up for reelection on Tuesday, May 12, 2009. Krog’s campaign has focused on the issues of education, healthcare, and resources. Krog and the BC NDP believe that education is the most important investment we can make in our future. All children must have access to quality public education and the NDP will restore the government’s commitment to public education. They’ll accelerate the seismic upgrading of schools, comply with class size and composition laws, spend education dollars to give children the opportunities they need to succeed, and fix the funding formula for long-term decision making.

On the healthcare front, Leonard Krog and the NDP will make sure that vital public services come first. The NDP will introduce a wait time reduction strategy to deliver public – not private – solutions, hire more doctors and other health professionals for BC families, improve care for seniors by building 3,000 long term care beds, and enhancing mental health and addiction services.

The forest, agriculture, mining, and other industries have long been a fundamental part of British Columbia’s strength and growth. The NDP priority for resources includes restricting raw log exports and a new vision for forestry, supporting mining and jobs, increasing BC agricultural opportunities, and investing in tourism, the arts, and culture.

A vote for Leonard Krog in Nanaimo is a vote for fairness and honest government. In Parksville-Qualicum vote for Leanne Salter.  In Nanaimo-North Cowichan it’s Doug Routley. Take back your British Columbia because everyone matters!

UPDATE: In the May 12, 2009, provincial election, Leonard Krog who was re-elected with 53.52 percent of the popular vote, an increase of 1.62 percent over the 51.90 percent Krog received in 2005. Congratulations Leonard Krog!