Ultimate Rock School

Headliners School of Performing Arts

Headliners School of Performing Arts has launched a new music program that caters to all musical needs and skills in a 12-week session open to anyone aged 10 or above. The aim is to give performers the ultimate musical experience in a traditional rock environment. Headliners 2200-square-foot facility is equipped with a full stage, PA, rock lights, amps, and is ready to plug and play. All you need is your instrument. Headliners’ qualified music coaches will walk students through all aspects of performing live and being in a band. They want to inspire kids to rock on stage and in life.

Headliners has created a no pressure and fun program that allows everyone to be a part of a team, gain confidence, and hone new skills. Headliners will match performers with similar playing styles, genres, and abilities. Participants will rehearse and play with a band, learn from pros, and perform in a final showcase concert for family and friends. Here you play what you want. Headliners current students cover classics like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Rush. All genres are welcome.

Headliners is about playing, having fun, and finding others to jam with. All you need is enthusiasm and excitement. They are looking for vocalists, bass, guitar, drum, horn, and key players. With Step on Stage, performers will be placed with a band with a similar style and skill level. At Band Tweak, performers come in as a band with a select group of players. Stop by and check out their facility today and meet their teachers. It sure beats the heck out of playing in your basement.

Of the new programs, Option A costs $44 weekly for 12 weeks and includes three half-hour lessons with two hours per rehearsal session. Three lessons are called wild cards and are used when a student needs technical support. Option B is $41 weekly for 12 weeks including two half-hour lessons with two hours per rehearsal session. Option C is $38 weekly for 12 weeks of rehearsal only with two hours per rehearsal session. All programs will conclude with a final performance for family and friends at Headliners School of Performing Arts. The rehearsal dates are Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays in the evening. Rehearsal times are scheduled upon registration. For more information contact Manda Chelmak, Headliners School of Performing Arts, 165 Fraser Street, Nanaimo, tel. 1-250-753-2323 or 250-616-6242.