Travelling Through

Today so many different modes of transport available that it can be hard to know which one to choose. Even in remote areas it is often possible to pick between various forms of transport. It wasn’t always this way. In the past walking was, obviously, available, as was travelling by horse or donkey if you were fortunate. However, most people didn’t travel all that often or over great distances so it wasn’t a huge problem. Not so nowadays. Today we generally have many transportation options and our main concern has become which option is best when we are travelling.

Train travel, which has been a mode of mass transportation since the middle of the nineteenth century, is still quite popular. A comfortable, stress-free mode of transport, it is now even possible to travel by train from London to Paris – under the sea. This train – Eurostar – will carry you safely, quickly (the journey takes just over two hours), and economically, and is increasingly popular with business travellers and tourists alike.

However, when it comes to trains the pinnacle of train travel has always been the fabled Orient Express. This train was not just the setting for the Agatha Christie classic, Murder on the Orient Express, but since 1882 various incarnations of this luxury train have run between Paris, Venice, and Istanbul.

Since the early twentieth century the bicycle has been a popular mode of transport. As fuel prices soar and traffic clogs the roads, bicycles are increasingly popular – particularly if you happen to be visiting a big city! There is no doubt; however, that in spite of fuel prices and traffic the car remains probably the most popular form of transport all over the world. Whether it’s a car you own or a car you hire, the sheer convenience of a car, combined with the independence it gives the driver, will continue to make it a popular choice.

Buses are also, of course, very useful in certain situations. Though most countries have rural bus services, buses really come into their own in cities where bus lanes and regular services make them a far preferable option to travelling by car. There is no real best transport method when travelling – whatever suits the terrain and the job – whether that’s a horse or a jeep – will always be the best choice. Nowadays we are spoiled for choice when it comes to transport while travelling – trains, buses, cars, boats, bicycles – the choice is vast.

The modern world has experienced a revolution in transport in the past two hundred years that would astound our ancestors. In the past travel was confined to an elite, nowadays it is, generally, accessible to the average person. It is still possible to travel in luxury and pay huge amounts of money for the privilege, which can make the experience unique. It has become possible to find all modes of transport whenever and wherever you are travelling at the price you wish to spend.