The Guardian by CJ Gosling

The Guardian

Nanaimo author Charity J Gosling will launch her new book Shadowlands: The Guardian at the The Buzz Coffee House, 4515 Uplands Drive, from 6 to 9 pm on Friday, February 4, 2011. This is a unique opportunity to experience the excitement of a book signing by this soon-to-be world famous local author. There will be prizes, music, and readings, making this a literary event for the whole family.

The Guardian, Shadowlands Series Book One, is a young adult novel that blends mages and magic into a traditional German backdrop. It’s a book about overcoming prejudice at the cost of personal sacrifice. A hidden universe, filled with darkness and magical violence, has been isolated from our own for hundreds of years. It’s a place known as the Shadowlands. To protect both worlds, boundary lines were drawn and no one could cross from one world to the next without risking open war. But in some circumstances, “no trespassing” becomes an easy rule to break.

After a fire that killed Tavin’s mother, his grief-stricken father disappeared, abandoning him and his sister Moreanna. Tavin and Moreanna have always shared a secret psychic connection. Sometimes, Tavin believes her presence is the only thing that keeps him sane. When a mysterious sickness threatens Moreanna’s life, Tavin’s connection to his sister begins to fade. With the discovery of a long-forgotten door, Tavin is hurled onto a magical parallel world and desperately hopes that a cure may be within his grasp.

With each chapter propelling the adventure forward with greater and greater intensity, CJ.Gosling makes her writing debut with The Guardian, a solid, fun-filled page-turner. Each chapter displays at least one beautifully hand-drawn illustration by award-winning Nanaimo illustrator Angela Souza, a total of 26 illustrations which help bring this magical book to life.

The Guardian was written for any child or adult who loves adventure. In it, you will find dark fairies, elementals, goblins, and many original creatures; twists and surprises; love, betrayal and loss; flying and falling; and ultimately, The Guardian, embraces the reader with the power of sacrifice and love, and inspires young people to rise above difficult circumstances to become the best that they can be. For more information, visit CJ Gosling’s blog, Tapping the Muse.