Tenerife Tours and Vacations

Tenerife is among the most popular holiday destinations in Europe and it’s easy to see why; great weather and beautiful beaches with plenty to see and do for all the family. Holidays in Tenerife are certainly worth your money as you will be treated with great water activities that may not be available elsewhere.

Tenerife – An Island of Beaches
Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and offers miles of beautiful beaches and blue Atlantic waters. Here, you and your family can enjoy a range of water activities that will keep you all happy. Before booking, it’s a good idea to work out the type of water activities you are interested in and then check to see if the beach near your hotel offers them. You don’t want to discover on your first day there that you can’t go diving or jet-skiing without travelling miles in a taxi or rental car. Ideally, you want to wake up in the morning, stroll to the beach in a matter of minutes and start the fun!

Water Activities in Tenerife
If you haven’t been to Tenerife before or don’t know much about water activities in general, here are a few ideas to get you started. For those of you looking for speed and thrills, jet-skiing and banana boat rides will be perfect – these activities are available at the Playa el Duque and Las Americas beaches among others. An increasingly popular activity is paragliding where you wear a parachute and get pulled along by a speed boat. That will really get your pulse racing!

Tenerife Wildlife
A much more gentle activity involves watching the wildlife living in the waters around the island. To get a view under the water you can go diving – just contact one of a number of companies on the island which offers lessons and equipment hire. Some companies also run trips on boats equipped with glass-bottom hulls which give a great view of the sea-life without the need to dive. What surprises many is that Tenerife is a great place to see dolphins and whales. What better way to round off an amazing holiday than by seeing these beautiful creatures in the wild?

All-in-all there are very few holiday destinations in Europe that match Tenerife for the variety of water activities available at such a reasonable price. Enjoy your trip!