Student Exhibition Explorations

ExplorationsFresh faced and ready to show the world! Graduation is steadily approaching and this year’s Vancouver Island University art students are thrilled to present a group exhibition titled Explorations, held at the downtown Nanaimo Art Gallery from March 20 to April 10, 2010. They welcome everyone to attend the opening reception between 7 and 9 pm on Friday, March 19, 2010. All exhibiting artists will be in attendance for this special event.

For many of these students this exhibition has been years in the making. Most have pursued visual arts through a minor in their undergraduate degrees. Typically, this accomplishment assists their chosen concentration and usually takes four years to complete. Explorations marks the end of their studies in the visual arts at Vancouver Island University.

As part of their curriculum, the graduating class must prepare and exhibit a selection of their most recent works. Usually, this takes place at the Nanaimo Art Gallery campus location. However, this year will be the first time the gallery’s downtown location, 150 Commercial Street, is hosting the event. The students are very excited about this new opportunity and hope it will entice the public to come out and join in.

Given the nature of the arts programs at Vancouver Island University, the selected works illustrate a wide range of mediums and techniques. Students develop their skills through exploration and challenge; continuously adopting new ways of approaching their art making. They are given the freedom to discover who they are as artists amongst peers. During the years of studies they work hard to find their own identity and hope to emerge with a well rounded perspective.

This year’s exhibit will showcase the scope of efforts from the current graduating art students. It gives the community an opportunity to see what talents have been locally culminated. There will be plenty of variety and plenty of excitement! Please join the gallery in welcoming the upcoming graduates into the Nanaimo art community. You could be the first to discover your next great investment piece! For more information call the gallery at 250-754-1750.