Stella at Ladysmith

When we get married, what ghosts do each of us carry with us?  What might-have-beens?  What memories of intense past loves? Stella, an exploration of the nuances of love and the complexity of marriage, kicks off the Ladysmith Theatre’s 2009/2010 season from October 8 to 28, 2009. Tickets are $20 and available by phone at 250-924-0658 or at the door.

After sending off their youngest son, Alan and Maggie spend their first weekend alone together as empty-nesters in their charming Brighton home. The apparently pleasant beginning of this new phase suddenly leaves them unprotected. No longer can the children shield them from the naked light of their true relationship to each other. No longer can they escape the ghosts that have haunted their marriage. Lured into this intriguing play of marital politics, the audience shifts allegiances from Maggie to Alan, and back and forth again, until the shocking conclusion.

As part of their parlour theatre repertoire, Mort and Ellen Paul have been performing this play in “parlours” for five years. They are thrilled to bring this play to the Ladysmith Theatre and those who have delighted in it before are looking forward to seeing it in this, its full theatrical version.

Ellen was last seen in the little theatre as Doris, in The Cemetery Club last spring, with Mort directing. It won best play in the South Island Zone Theatre BC Festival. Also for the Ladysmith Theatre, Mort has just ended a rollicking run in the comedy crime and mystery The Butler Did It! For five years he has been active both in Nanaimo, Cedar, Qualicum, and Ladysmith as either director or actor. Both Mort and Ellen understand the value to a community of developing a little theatre, expanding experience through art, welcoming many different talents, and recognizing the worth of volunteerism to improve the hominess of the town.