Nanaimo Horse Slaughter Protest

Monday, October 4, 2010, has been declared a Global Day of Action to End Horse Slaughter in Canada and demonstrations will be held at noon in almost a dozen Canadian cities. In Vancouver, the demo will be at Robson Gourmet Butcher, Robson Public Market, 1610 Robson Street. In Nanaimo, protesters will assemble downtown outside the entrance to the Harbour Front Library, Diana Krall Plaza, 90 Commercial Street. A recent undercover investigation has made national news in Canada, and there will be a protest at the slaughterhouse where the investigation took place.

Now a Bill is being tabled in the House of Commons that would put an end to horse slaughter in Canada forever. One day of protest could push Bill C-544 and end the suffering of horses at slaughter in Canada forever. Every caring person needs to participate to make this happen. So mark this on your calendar, take the day off of work, bring your friends and family, and help make history for the horses who are destined to be slaughtered – and in memory of those who already have.