Nanaimo Harbour Privatization

Nanaimo HarborThe Save Our Harbour coalition is engaged in a struggle with the Nanaimo Port Authority / Pacific Northwest Marine Group over the pending arrangement to privatize Nanaimo’s most valuable asset, its working harbour. They feel this harbour take-over deal — to be signed soon — is an important story, in the way that issues of recurring interest to all Canadians are converging here.

Briefly, the Pacific Northwest Marine Group, owned by American entrepreneur Craig McCaw,  has made a very private deal with the Nanaimo Harbour Authority, a federal agency, to convert Nanaimo’s historic, working harbour into what will essentially become a secure parking lot and point of departure for the super yachts of faraway owners. There was no consultation with local stakeholders. This deal will disrupt the local economy by displacing Nanaimo’s fishing fleets, island commuters, visiting vessels, etc.

Visit Save Our Harbour for details of the proposed marina, economic impact analysis, arguments against, and new ideas by all stakeholders.