My Name is Amy Shields

Baby SealAmy Shields sent me this letter:

My name is Amy Shields and I wanted to introduce my self. I’ve heard about you but I wanted to send you an email. I’ve worked on the seal hunt for about six years. In the time that I’ve worked on it it hasn’t gotten better. The way that these sealers treat these animals is sub human in my opinion. The latest email that I’ve seen was about the mass slaughter on Sable Island. Fisheries Minister Gail Shea has once again come up with some insane idea to manage the seals. In the report it clearly states that if they kill the seals it’s not for scientific reasons but for political reasons.

The government is so out pf touch with the reality of what’s going that it gets more insane as time goes by, and it’s about wiping out a species instead of selling fur. I have a report on my website about the Department of Fisheries and Oceans realizing that the seals had nothing to do with the cod, but it is mismangement of the DFO. For years they knew that the cod was in trouble and they still decided to abuse it. Now they want something to blame and it’s now the seals that pay the price. The report mentions a reseacher called Ransom Myers who at one point was with the DFO and uncovered the truth and the DFO tried to fire him. This corrupt behavior is becoming a natural habit of Canadian government. The DFO contiunes to behave this way because they think that the government will support them and they are allowed to get away with murder. In the report it also states that Newfoundland pressures the DFO for political votes, and they are determined to wipe out species after species.

It’s time that people found out the truth about what the DFO is trying to do. I really think that tourism is suffering because of this as people learn what Canada is really like.