Matt James Photography

Nanaimo Museum

Matt James is showing off his Photoshop and printing talents with a free exhibit at the Nanaimo Museum. The restoration of old torn and faded images of scenes in and around Nanaimo is a specialty of Matt’s. The choice of quality of antique photographs and real photo postcards has become very slim and expensive as the collecting craze has been promoted by some TV shows. Matt shares his collection openly by restoring and reprinting the images on quality papers and inks. He also does some restoration work on antique frames and refreshes them with new prints. Many of the surfaces are hand embellished with fonts and scrolls that match the period of each image. The exhibitors are hoping that they can see many faces show up for the exhibit which is displayed at the back of the museum’s store. Many of the framed items are from Matt’s private gallery collection. James has decided that the exhibit items along with many others will be liquidated with a portion of the funds going to salmon enhancement projects on Vancouver Island. There will be a silent auction of many valuable works at the museum on Thursday, June 6, 2013, for 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Some great door crasher items will be offered.