Island Times Marketplace

islandtimes230Island Times Magazine has launched the Island Times Marketplace, an online platform which gives Vancouver Island merchants an arena to sell their unique products online. The team at Island Times Magazine noticed a need for travelers to be able to purchase their favorite Vancouver Island products from their homes off island. After taking a look at the cost of setting up an e-commerce website for each merchant – estimated to be anywhere between $2500-$5000 – Island Times felt they had to do something to serve this need.

The construction of Island Times Marketplace began around the same time Island Times Magazine was launched. After thorough market research the Island Times team has come up with an inexpensive, user friendly system which provides businesses large and small with a store in the Island Times Marketplace.

The services on offer include an individual store (page) comprised of up to 15 products with full e-commerce, a link back to your company website, and constant marketing of the Marketplace through Island Times Magazine. Without getting into detailed pricing, Island Times would like you to know that it sits at 20 cents a day to become a member. Island Times staff believes they are offering a much needed service which is fairly priced and providing valuable information to customers and businesses alike. For more information contact Jayson Deleskie at 250-240-7829.