Island Business Directory


Visitors to Vancouver Island need no longer search in vain for a publication focused on their destination. The October issue of Island Times Magazine is at newsstands on ferries, at airports, and in a growing number of key locations throughout the region. The fourth issue of the free, full-colour, premier lifestyle magazine is creating new opportunities online. With a half million hits a month and rising Island Times Magazine has become a basic source for information-hungry tourists, businesses, and residents.

“We’re establishing an inexpensive Business Directory in the magazine and on our website,” reports Jayson Deleskie, one of the magazine’s founders. “New software will improve the profile and Internet platforms of Vancouver Island businesses and their clients, and customers will have unprecedented access to them,” he added. “Our advertisers will reach a virtually unlimited audience and also have exciting new opportunities to network and communicate.”

Deleskie and publisher Jolene Aarbo discovered the market niche and created Island Times to fill the information vacuum. They also wanted the Island Experience to leap off the page like never before. “Our mission is to publish a positive, upbeat, completely eco-friendly magazine designed to inspire, inform and educate our readers,” she says. “This new Business Directory is part of that commitment.” For more information, call Jayson Deleskie at 250-240-7829.