Havana Good Time

I researched and wrote the first and second editions of Lonely Planet Cuba but the third edition was done by my colleague at Lonely Planet Conner Gorry.  My photos from that era appear on Cuba Pictures but I don’t cover Cuba anymore. However Conner is still very active there and she has recently launched an iApp called Havana Good Time which puts the city in your pocket.

Says Gorry: “For years I’ve been telling you all – come to Havana!! I know it’s expensive. I know it’s a hassle. But I also know it’s worth it. So that you may travel to this side of the Straits as easily (and cheaply) as possible, I’ve created Havana Good Time. It delivers the most informed, up-to-date information about one of the world’s most enigmatic cities. Over 125 fully mapped and searchable entries provide the local, insider information we all crave while traveling – armchair or actual. Even if you’ve been to Cuba many times, I promise, you’ll learn something new with Havana Good Time.”

If you’re a bargain hunter, check out the nice price – for a mere $2.99, you’ve got the city at your fingertips. Even the 300+ photos alone make it worth it. What’s more: All subsequent versions are free! Conner’s blog Here is Havana is another useful source hard-to-find travel tips.