Groundhog Day and Marmots

Etheridge Photographic Studio is celebrating Groundhog Day with a unique contest in aid of the Vancouver Island marmot, Canada’s most endangered animal. Today there are only around 300 marmots in the wild on Vancouver Island, up from a low of less than 30 in 2003. This animal is remarkable. Marmots hibernate for almost seven months of the year and during hibernation their heart beats three or four times per minute.

Nanaimo photographer Kelli Etheridge was born on Groundhog Day, so she has always had a place in her heart for marmots. This combined with the plight of the Vancouver Island marmot inspired Kelli to come up with a fundraiser to support them and create awareness. Etheridge Photographic is having a special one-day event on Groundhog Day, Wednesday, February 2, 2011. Purchase a gift certificate for a $175 photo session valid until the end of 2011 that day and $75 will be donated to the Marmot Recovery Foundation. You’ll also receive a cute little plush marmot toy of your own. Call 250-619-6273 for more information.