Green Drinks Oct 09

Green Drinks Nanaimo will meet at The Vault Coffee House at the corner of Wallace Street, Albert Street, and Victoria Crescent in downtown Nanaimo this Wednesday, October 28,  2009, from 5:30 to 7 pm. All are welcome to join this informal non-partisan discussion group. There’s no charge other than the cost of your mocha or latte.

This month Green Drinks Nanaimo will welcome back Jack Anderson of Anderson Greenplan Ltd., a local consultant on sustainable practises in the design and building of residential and commercial structures as well as land development. Jack was excellent as the group’s June presenter and those in attendance enthusiastically endorsed having him back to continue his presentation! In June, Jack focused on “the philosophical level of sustainability issues with an emphasis on why we have delayed the urgency to act through the psychological protection mechanisms of denial and repression of information for lack of having a vision of a living positive alternative.” This meeting, Jack says, “I intend to speak to some of the more practical aspects of the green movement. Specifically, I will talk about sustainable planning, green design and the role of Permaculture as a solution to climate change and energy decent. I will also bring examples of several projects that we have recently or are currently involved in that provide some examples of green residences and green community projects.” It should be a very informative, interesting, and fun meeting!