Gord Johnson on Deer

Long time resident, ex-deer-hunter, and passionate conservationist Gord Johnson of Ladysmith, BC, recently submitted these comments on the question of urban deer in Nanaimo:

We provide food for the deer and a safe haven in our manicured and well-planted subdivisions. So don’t get so busted up about deer dying on our roads, nature is a step ahead of us. Seventy percent of all first-year animals on Vancouver Island die from natural causes before their first birthday. That statistic is “in the wild”, not in Hammond Bay, where I think the survival rate is significantly higher. Until they meet a vehicle, that is. (Nature has a funny way of balancing things sometimes.)

And you want to spend taxpayers money on WHAT?!? My well-educated friends and I (less educated) have been involved in spirited discourse on this matter since I copied them on my e-mail to “gonanaimo”. We are a wealth of opinion, and hopefully some real and applicable ideas can come out of such discourse.

The most misguided idea that I’ve heard is that of “neutering” the males. Wow, totally misguided. Don’t get me started as the saying goes. On a totally diifferent plane, is it worth examing the question, “is there really a problem here?”

Overlayed upon that, speed on the road?  Primarily a seperate issue, I think. Feeding the deer? A no-brainer. These citizens should fined, and fined heavily. I mean to the tune of $2,000 for a second substantiated offense. Serious.

Beyond all that, let’s let nature be the final arbiter. Co-existence is not that unrealistic, we just need awareness and education.