Fuel The Film

At 7:15 pm on Wednesday, December 9, 2009, at the Port Theatre, Nanaimo, Cowichan Energy Alternatives is presenting Fuel – The Film, winner in the Best Documentary category at the Sundance Film Festival. Fuel is a comprehensive and entertaining look at energy in North America: a history of where we have been, our present predicament, and a solution to our dependence on foreign oil. Rousing and reactionary, Fuel is an amazing, in-depth, personal journey of oil use and abuse as it examines wide-ranging energy solutions other than oil, the faltering US auto and petroleum industries, and the latest stirrings of the American mindset toward alternative energy. Interviews with a wide range of environmentalists, policy makers and educators, along with such “green” celebrities as Woody Harrelson, Sheryl Crow, and Larry Hagman offer serious fuel for thought. Fuel can help break the discussion wide open as it exposes the shocking connections between the auto industry, the oil industry, and government, while exploring alternative energies such as solar wind, electricity, and non-food based biofuels.

The  running time is 111 minutes, plus an introduction by Cowichan Energy Alternatives. Go early for the Sustainability Fair in the main lobby at 6:30 pm. Call The Port Theatre Ticket Centre at 250-754-4555 to reserve your seat. The suggested donation is $10 to $20.