Foie Gras Assembly Line

Foie gras or fatty duck liver is a “delicacy” sometimes served at “gourmet” restaurants. However, its production involves some of the most shocking animal cruelty imaginable. After watching the video below, it’s unlikely you’ll ever want to consume foie gras.

Hal Webster says: May 26, 2009 at 3:05 pm

Have you an idea as to when or where this was taken?
Are our Canadian farmers all as sadistic as those in this video?
Are we to assume this is standard practice or maybe this is the exception trying to be presented as standard practice?
Is this how all farm animals are treated?
Are vegetable farmers the only respectable farmers?

Judy Roberts says: May 22, 2009 at 11:24 am

Yikes, David. Thanks for providing a link to this video. I had known, in theory, that the production of foie gras was cruel. However, it’s another matter altogether to see video footage of it.

There are downsides to this on so many levels.

An obvious negative consequence is the suffering of the ducks which, on its own, is unacceptable to me.

There are also the psychological effects on the workers. I can’t begin to imagine what it does to a person’s soul to work in this kind of facility. It’s known that cruelty to animals and wanton destruction of property are precursors to interpersonal violence. When we tolerate the production of foie gras, we are damaging the fabric of our society.

Factory farms also damage the environment. The waste from factory farms often poisons the surrounding soil, groundwater, streams, rivers, etc. Shipping food over great distances consumes fossil fuels and increases carbon emissions.

In addition to that, large, distant, factory farms compete with small farms and undermine local economies.

Then, to repeat your original point, there is the suffering of the ducks.

In my opinion, foie gras is not a delicacy. It is an abomination.