First Anniversary of Island Times

On August 1, 2010, Island Times Magazine will celebrate its one-year anniversary as a free Vancouver Island-based lifestyle magazine. The magazine’s specialties include close-to-home stories, high-quality advertising solutions, and local events. With a readership nearing 100,000 distributed across Vancouver Island, the lower mainland, Vancouver, Calgary, Washington and more, Island Times Magazine specifically targets entry-points reaching out to a highly influential, receptive, and attentive audience.

“There has been some challenge to keep Island Times free of charge, but a free media outlet is really what Vancouver Island needs.” said Jolene Aarbo, owner and general manager of Island Times Magazine. “The local business on Vancouver Island drives our economy, and those businesses need representation. As our economy continues to recover, people appreciate the quality of Island Times as well as the free distribution.”

In their latest issue, Island Times features an expanded events section, highlighting attractions ranging from Victoria-based theater productions, to the Filomi Festival in Port Hardy. By tapping into the rich cultural diversity across Vancouver Island, Island Times Magazine aspires to bring even more tourism dollars to both businesses and town-based events.