Feature Artist Nola Russell

Nanaimo Art Gallery

The Nanaimo Art Gallery downtown, 150 Commercial Street, will feature artist Nola Russell from January 8 to January 22, 2011, as part of their ongoing Feature Artists shows. For more information call Chris Kuderle at 250-740-6350.

Russell has this to say: “How humans, as biological beings, perceive and interact within the boundaries of their six senses is of particular interest to me. As we biologically process stimuli our senses sort and file the odours, noises, tastes, sights, tactiles, and feelings out in an infinitely changing world and I have chosen to examine, test, and represent these perceptions in my art practice.

My presentation will be about the science behind my art practice. I will talk about additive versus subtractive colour and how we perceive them differently, as well as how our brain deals with the data supplied by our eyes and the many things we see as a result including: retinal retention and lateral inhibition. I will also want to discuss some of the artists who have tried to deal with this topic in the past and take a look at many of the images that have confounded our perceptions and boggled our minds. While this is not a class about mixing colour, the topic will be touched on as it pertains to historical and current colour theory practice.”