Dream Home by d.bradley muir

From May 14 to July 17, 2010, the Nanaimo Art Gallery, 900 Fifth Street location, is presenting Dream Home by artist d.bradley muir. Guest curator Nicole Stanbridge describes the exhibition as a look at the role of the “ideal” home in relation to the picturesque landscapes of the West Coast. Each image attempts to reveal the tenuous relationship between domestic space and nature in the context of urban sprawl.

The series Recreation explores our relationship with a constructed landscape. The works focus on middle class leisure in Beautiful British Columbia’. The sub-series Tripmaster zeroes in on the recreational vehicles often seen laying dormant in suburbia. These hibernating traveling homes embody a desire to consume the natural world. Another sub-series titled Swimmers features motionless figures beneath the surface of lakes converging in a mix of dream, dance, and death.

These works by d.bradley muir challenge western concepts of leisure and global development. How we view our immediate past in relation to our imminent future is the essence of leisure itself. The opening reception for Dream Home takes place from 5 to 7 pm on May 14, 2010. For more information call 250-740-6350.