Destination Earth

nicos250In a new book titled Destination Earth veteran traveler Nicos Hadjicostis elucidates his personal “philosophy of travel” developed after a round-the-world trip lasting six years and six months. This is not a travel guidebook in that it does not provide travel advice on any specific part of the world. It’s also not a travel book of the type popularized by Paul Theroux although Hadjicostis does include sidebars of boxed text from his notebooks to connect his theoretical musings with the real world. Color photos taken by the author are at the top of many pages.

I first heard from Nicos Hadjicostis a decade ago when he sent me feedback on the 2004 edition of Moon Handbooks South Pacific based on his nearly five months exploring the region. His letters were among the most incisive I received in 33 years of guidebook writing and his name appears in the Acknowledgments of both Moon Fiji and Moon Tahiti. When I heard that Nicos had written a book inspired by his travels I was eager to see it.

Destination Earth begins with a discussion of earth itself and how it relates to world travel. The presentation of his “new philosophy of travel” comes next, followed by an examination of the parallels between a travel journey and our life’s journey. Finally, Hadjicostis explores what it means to be a citizen of the world, a concept first floated by fellow Greek philosopher Diogenes of Athens. He ends by proclaiming that “each and every one of us is, and always has been, a world citizen.” It’s nice to be in good company.