Das Parkhotel Austria

Das Parkhotel, Ottensheim, Austria

Das Parkhotel, Ottensheim

The Park Hotel on the Danube River in Ottensheim, Austria, is one of the zaniest places to stay I’ve seen in a long time. The rooms are constructed from concrete drain pipes with one end sealed, the other end a door, and a porthole window on top. Each of the three units contains a double bed, lamp, shelf, and storage space. Shared toilets, showers, and a café are nearby. The décor is pleasing and the surroundings attractive. Opened in 2006, Das Parkhotel was designed by avantgarde Austrian architect Andreas Strauss and it’s delightful in its simplicity and economy. Guests can pay whatever they like to stay at the Park – there are no fixed rates. The hotel website has more photos and information.

Is something like this possible in Nanaimo? The Living Forest and Westwood Lake campgrounds in town could easily do it. Another possibility would be for the city to create a little village for the homeless along these lines. Any other ideas, folks?