Danielle Park Juggling Dynamite

Juggling Dynamite

Danielle Park, president of Venable Park Investment Counsel Inc., was in Nanaimo on the weekend to speak at the MoneyExpo in the Vancouver Island Conference Centre. Park discussed a few of the risks associated with investing and emphasized the importance of liquidity. You can’t eat real estate and gold  but investments which provide real returns and which can be converted into cash in minutes are there for the taking.

If you missed Danielle’s informative and entertaining talk on Saturday, you can still order her book, Juggling Dynamite, an insider’s wisdom about money management, markets, and wealth that lasts. This book shows you how to bulletproof your investments so that you and your money are not trampled by the herd mentality of the marketplace. Investing can be challenging, and compounding the problem are the pressures that stem from the fee-loving investment sales industry and the advertising-driven business media. At a time when an overabundance of information is around every corner and available at the click of a mouse, investors face many misleading and short-lived influences that work to derail their well-planned long-term strategies.

In Juggling Dynamite, Park reveals not only how to protect your money but also how to actively make it grow. Park explains how investors can benefit from understanding market cycles, the cost of mutual funds, and the evaluation of stock prices. This book will give you the tools to make your portfolio grow using active investing and an understanding of market timing. Juggling Dynamite will enable you to reach that elusive brass ring: lasting financial success.