Chamber Mentoring Program

Greater Nanaimo Chamber of CommerceHow would you like to have the chance to talk to an experienced business professional outside your own circle – to help you work through a challenge?  Someone to bounce ideas off without fear of comeback?  Well, the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce’s new mentorship program affords you just that opportunity through peer to peer mentoring. The chamber has now added a mentorship program to its repertoire of member services.

The concept of coaching and guiding individuals through a comprehensive mentoring program reaps tremendous benefits for both mentor and the individual being mentored – the mentee. What is mentoring anyway?  A mentorship is a supportive relationship established between two individuals where knowledge, skills, and experience are shared in a nurturing way. Mentoring really is something that can benefit everyone. As well as helping the mentee develop and advance through their career, the mentor can gain extra skills and understanding from the partnership.

This comprehensive leadership development program has been created specifically for the Nanaimo business community. The program affords seasoned business professionals the opportunity to share their experiences with less experienced individuals. In today’s ever changing business environment, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to call on to ask advice or bounce ideas around? Through the mentorship program, you can do just that. For more information on the program, contact the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce at 250-756-1191.