Canadian Matchmaking

LifematesThe specific needs, characteristics, and expectations of Canadian singles have fueled the need for a dating service that is aimed specifically at the Canadian population. Canadians often find themselves lumped together with their south-of-the-border neighbors, but the Canadian experience is a unique one which requires matchmaking services that cater exclusively to the Canadian singles community. The Lifemates Canada matchmaking service was developed expressly for the purpose of meeting the needs of Canadian singles looking to meet a suitable dating partner in a secure and supportive atmosphere. Lifemates Canada matches individuals with similar backgrounds, interests, and expectations to enable them to identify a suitable relationship and move it to the next step.

Due to the nature of the Canadian landscape Lifemates maintains a number of offices in provinces throughout the country including in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta. Members may specify that they prefer to be matched with someone who lives in their own geographic location or, for individuals who are prepared to travel and, perhaps, relocate, in regions throughout Canada. The service places a high level of emphasis on individualizing service. Lifemates professionals interview each potential member extensively before matching him or her up on a date. In addition to the care that LifeMate takes to connect people who are truly compatible, this guideline ensures that members will be able to embark on any new match with the assurance that their date has been screened prior to the first meeting.

In comparison to internet dating services, Lifemates is a more expensive option. However, Lifemates’ high rate of success in matching couples who go on to enjoy long-term relationships is indicative of the importance that Lifemates places on one-on-one connections between the matchmaker and the client as the matchmaker works to create a successful match. Lifemates staff members get to know their clients personally, ensuring that resulting matches are effective and meaningful.