Blues Underground Relocates

Blues UndergroundOver the Christmas holidays the Blues Underground will move out of its current premises at 10 Lois Lane under the China Steps to a new location. During the past few months the Blues Underground staff has experienced excessive flooding, water damage, and other property issues they can no longer accommodate. On January 4, 2010, they’ll reopen their doors at 165 Fraser Street (beside Mrs. Riches Restaurant), Nanaimo. The new building has been called Back Stage Pass Events. There the Blues Underground will continue with all of its regular programming, jams, after school programs, the academy, performances, events, lesson, and now much more under the new name Headliners.

The Thursday night Blues Jam session will be on hold until Thursday, January 7, 2010, then the Blues All-Stars and guests will relaunch the Thursday Blues Jam at the new location. The new space has wonderful incentives including heat, air, parking, wheel chair accessibility, zoned for legal performance before 120 people, and many other wonderful things. The team thinks this new space has a lot of potential and feels club users will enjoy it very much.

The old Blues Underground will be truly missed. It has been good to Nanaimo musicians and numerous players, listeners, and supporters have enjoyed it along the way. It’s been a blast. The team looks forward to seeing you at the new space in the New Year. For more information on the Blues Underground and Sky High Productions call 250-616-6242.

RadicalChicken says: January 3, 2010 at 9:11 am

For those not familiar, the ‘New’ Blues Underground has not only had a transition with regards to it’s location, but to it’s purpose as well. It has gone from being something of a passion, something that was to help kids get off the streets and learn to play some blues, to simply put, a business venture. Just about anyone who had any passion about the original Blues Underground project has been pushed aside in order to make room for those simply looking to make a profit off the innocent.

Make no mistake people. This is now a business and unfortunately so. You may have noticed prices have gone up with regards to the school of rock? There’s less of those volunteer workshops happening? All the good people are gone. The ones with heart. The idea of simply introducing someone to music no longer exists at the Underground. Now it’s gonna cost you.