Artist Show in Nanaimo

artist Nancy Day

artist Nancy Day

The Nanaimo Art Gallery, downtown location, 150 Commercial Street, is hosting a feature artist show with Nancy Day, Pat Hart, and Marg Bonneau from December 1 to 15, 2010. The opening reception will be on Friday, December 3, 2010, from 5 to 7 pm. For more information call Chris Kuderle at 250-740-6350.

Nancy Day explains: “This new series of giant, expanded botanicals are rendered with sumptuous color and energetic movement to capture the delicate fleeting aura of these luscious beauties. These exuberant and free flowing images burst with energy and overflow the canvas. They express my respect and captivation for the proliferation of nature’s bounty. I explore this theme through patterns and shapes of intense color, bold brushwork, which is intermingled with line and gestural qualities. I hope you will be fascinated and charmed by these paintings.”

Pat Hart comments: “Nature has always been my inspiration. Capturing its miraculous rhythms, patterns and compositions is endlessly fascinating. The changes made by varying light and season never fail to provide the ‘wow!’ factor that drives the brush. For instance, finding a well-known everyday place highlighted – and transfigured – by a shaft of early morning sun or bathed in golden late afternoon light. Landscape painting, from the distant view to the closest plant study, satisfies and stretches me, expresses my deepest interests. For me, trees, rocks and other natural forms lend themselves as much to visual metaphor as any non-objective or man-made icon. Having been an oil painter and printmaker for all my adult life, I’ve finally chosen acrylics as the most flexible and least toxic medium and settled on realism as the most natural, and accessible, form of expression and visual communication.”

Margaret Bonneau is an award-winning artist whose works are collected in Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia. Born in Victoria, BC, her formative years were spent in Alberta and BC. In September 2000, Margaret’s artwork was chosen to showcase in Aim For Arts. Says Bonneau, “Painting is an adventure, full of discovery, a weaving of elements, expression, digging deep and always a challenge. My paintings are a blend of figurative and contemporary expression. Acrylic, watercolor, soft pastel, and a variety of mixed media all offer me unique ways of using texture, space and form to express concepts that find their own voice in paint. I often use the figure to explore layers of own perception; not knowing where the painting will take me is the adventure. In my current series Transient Moments, I have left the images open leaving some aspects to engage the viewer’s own interpretation.”