Artful Animation Lunch

Cartoonist and film enthusiast George Oliver has teamed up with the Nanaimo Art Gallery, 150 Commercial Street, to bring a presentation of Animated Films to a lunchtime audience every Wednesday starting April 7 until June 30, 2010. This free showing of short films will include classic animation from Eastern Europe, the U.S., and Canada. Oliver will thread up his 16mm film projector and light up the gallery screen at 12:15 precisely and the show runs for thirty minutes.

The projectionist/cartoonist has recently moved here looking to draw editorial cartoons for the local papers. Oliver, a long time renovator says, “There has to be a way to make a living at art or you end up painting houses instead of pictures.” The small reels of film to be unspooled represent brief moments of fantasy in an otherwise fun less daily grind. He says, “In this space at the gallery people will enjoy watching a cast of ephemeral graphic actors on a moving canvas.” Our shared social dilemmas can be fought out on the movie screen by little daubs of paint which are part of the thrill of this art format. Each five minute film is an intensely compressed bundle of ideas. Our minds know that these are just graphic symbols moving around to music and sound effects, but our hearts take sides in the struggle.

Aggressive abstract squares take on the movements of police as they surround some bad guys while treacherous triangles fight back with high caliber dots. “It’s not all high falluting art films. There are some funny animals too,” says Oliver. Among the films to be projected over the 3 month long series, a total of 12 screenings will be classic caustic animation by legendary Vancouver animator Al Sens whose quirky sense of humour and visual pantomime, as seen in his commercials for Van City Savings for example, has amused viewers from the Beatnik era to the Gadget generation.

Ed Poli, the Nanaimo Art Gallery’s Manager states “Films, especially ones where clever use is made of paint or drawing materials, can encapsulate that magic moment when art and technology produce something exciting.” Poli hopes other art enthusiasts come forward with more proposals of this kind for consideration. For more information call 250-754-1750.