Art and The Message

Stump #1 by Gregory Ball

Stump #1 by Gregory Ball

As part of the celebration of the 2010 Winter Games, the Nanaimo Spirit of BC Committee (Team Nanaimo) is thrilled to present a new exhibition titled Art and The Message at the Nanaimo Art Gallery, downtown location at 150 Commercial Street. This exhibition features works by six talented local artists: Gregory Ball, Linda Findlay, Gerda Hofman, Grant Leier, Sheila Norgate, and JoVic Pottery.

Gregory Ball says of his work: “These large canvasses simply entitled STUMPS depict landscapes that are now common place due to the practice of clear cutting on Vancouver Island and other parts of the world.” Linda Findlay explains her inspiration and focus on microscopic single cell life as “inspired by images from the electron microscope, I invented my own single cell creatures to make visible what is not and to raise questions about genetics and our manipulation of them.” Sheila Norgate reflects that not all her works have a direct message for the viewer: “Sometimes the message is meant for me, and viewers “overhear” this conversation I am having with myself.”

Grant Leier says he has been introducing “type into my imagery for fifteen years; I remain excited about the manner in which the type directs the narrative created by the visual image.” Gerda Hofman considers “The human contribution, in terms of work, families, and lives, are an important part of the history of the existing building. Even today, this has a significant impact on our present day life.” Josée and Vic Duffhues of JoVic Pottery “delight in the fact that clay is their medium—whether hand-built or wheel worked, the clay affords them the chance to bring their imaginations into play in a three-dimensional and very textural way.”

The works of these talented artists can be viewed from January 14 to February 13, 2010, with an opening reception on Friday, January 22, 2010, from 6 to 9 pm. For more information please call the Nanaimo Art Gallery 250-754-1750, or the Nanaimo Spirit of BC Committee (Team Nanaimo), Camela Tang 250-758-6860.