2010 Urban Issues Film Festival

Vancouver Island University is hosting the 5th annual Urban Issues Film Festival from 3:30 to 10 pm on Monday, November 8, 2010, in Building 356, Room 109, at VIU. The festival is alive and kicking, and the organizing team extends an enthusiastic invite to all Nanaimo residents to attend this year’s festival. In addition to ongoing topics of interest such as sustainable urban development, community, and urban sprawl, the theme for the 2010 Urban Issues Film Festival is urban revitalization. Thus the lineup of films for this year’s festival will focus on various issues and initiatives.

Featured films include Farewell Oak Street, a film about the very first social housing development built in Canada in the late 1940’s; Woodward’s: The Competition, a 2005 film about the $150-million Vancouver Downtown East Side bid to redevelop the Woodward’s Department Store property; Doing the Right Thing, a film about Porto Alegre’s new Participatory Budget scheme that gives all Porte Alegre’s citizens a say in how their city is run, and Cycling Copenhagen: Through North American Eyes, an uplifting 12-minute film about Copenhagen’s awesome urban cycling scene and how much it differs from ours (mostly in awesomeness). These short and long films, as well as others, will be accompanied by audience discussion.

In addition to said films, the organizers are pleased to have Jim Green speak on his work and life as long-time activist for Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, as a Vancouver housing project developer (including the Woodward’s redevelopment), previous mayoral candidate, and co-founder of the Portland Hotel Society which operates Insite, the first legal safe injection site in North America, to name a few. Jim will speak at 3:30 pm in Building 355, Room 203.

Pizza and popcorn will be provided, and as such, attendees must register in advance for this free event. If you wish to put your name on the list, call 250-716-8906.